Each year brings with it a new array of trends, and the jewellery world is no different. Inspired by the colour palettes and catwalks all driving the hottest looks for S/S18, jewellery aficionados curate a list of the best trends to look out for in 2018 too.

With Valentine’s Day being only a month away, today we’re highlighting the top 4 engagement ring trends to look out for this year – whether you’re looking to propose, or even upgrade your engagement ring, you’re in for a treat!


Three Stone Rings

Brought to the forefront of fashion by none other than Meghan Markle herself, three-stone engagement rings have had a major style overhaul. We can thank Prince Harry asking Meghan to marry him at the end of last year for this new trend! Despite the striking beauty of three stone rings though, some believe there’s greater symbolism in the stones too. Each stone represents ‘for then, for now, for always,’ a beautiful meaning to celebrate the timeline of your time as a couple and to make that forever promise too.


Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Rarer than white diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds have recently received a bit of a celebrity status in the media! With stars like Nicki Minaj, Kelly Clarkson and Heidi Klum, to name a few, choosing to sport stunning yellow diamond engagement rings. Whilst celebrities often influence jewellery trends, we imagine that the growing popularity to incorporate coloured gemstones has also made fancy yellow diamonds a go-to for engagement rings. After all, yellow is a universally flattering colour and a very complementary shade to go for, for day to day wear over reds, blues or greens.


Oval Shape

Whilst diamonds look incredible in most shapes, the one to watch for 2018 is oval! A stand out cut for some time, many stars like Blake Lively and Serena Williams are already getting in on the trend. The beauty of an oval cut is that it will create the illusion of being larger than a standard brilliant or princess cut. It’s also very flattering when worn, as the elongated appearance of the cut looks incredibly elegant and is flattering for smaller hands – the same can be said of pear and marquise cuts!

Rose Gold

Breaking convention, the amount of people opting for rose gold engagement rings is at an all time high! There once was a time when white or yellow gold and platinum were considered the only ‘traditional’ options, but the demand for unique designs has meant that rose gold rings have gained momentum in the jewellery world, and we don’t see it stopping any time soon! A warm, fiery metal that flatters all skin tones, it’s not hard to see why this romantic metal is so popular.