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Ear Piercing at Wakefields

At Wakefields we have provided ear piercing as a service for many years to our local Horsham customers, and find that many of them bring their children and grandchildren back to us, to continue this tradition.


We are proud to be able to offer our ear-piercing service from within the comfort of our store, carried out by our fully licensed professionals in a relaxed and hygienic environment.

Confident in the ability of our fully trained team, we can promise you that each ear piercing is carried out with accuracy, care and attention.

With customer satisfaction always at the forefront of our minds, we work hard to maintain the excellent, tailored and personal service we provide to our customers and strive to make them feel relaxed and at home in our family orientated store.

Having offered our ear piercing service for many years, we enjoy being a part of the moment with our customers. We often find customers share memories of having their ears pierced at Wakefields, bringing their children and grandchildren to share in the same rite of passage with us, continuing the tradition.


Offering an extensive selection of earring designs crafted from precious metal, choose from 9ct or 18ct, white or yellow gold stud earrings. Those who are allergic to gold will be offered titanium earrings as an alternative, ensuring the health and safety of our customers is prioritised at all times.

Ear piercing appointments prices are as below:

Lobe Piercings:

9ct Gold Piercing Package - £45

18ct Gold Piercing Package - £65

Cartilage piercings:

9ct Gold Piercing Package - £30

18ct Yellow/White Gold - £40

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