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Tudor Watches

Established by founder Hans Wilsdorf in 1946, Tudor is positioned as the sister brand to Rolex.

The name was chosen by Wilsdorf in order to honour the period in Britain along with the motif - a Tudor Rose, the heraldic emblem of England, taking its origin from the Tudor dynasty before altering their design for their current Shield sign.


About Tudor

From the original 20th Century collections to the present day, Tudor reflects the classic, contemporary elegance of their sister brand, combined with an adventurous heritage, technical prowess and an acute sense of style. Inspired by the famous Rolex Oyster case, Tudor reimagined the iconic design in the 50’s and created their first rival collection – the Oyster Prince. The Tudor submariner style has proven itself to be a popular, timeless classic, remaining an eternal favourite with its customers.


Tudor Collections

Tudor Pelagos

The brand’s more recent collections include Tudor Heritage, North Flag and Pelagos. Whilst there is inescapable detailing in their crafting which hints to the connection, the brands newer designs bear no resemblance of their older brother. Tudor’s collections have taken a truly unique and imaginative identity, carrying more panache, spirit and flamboyance than their classically, confident predecessor. Spring 2015 has seen the release of Tudor’s latest Pelagos collection – timepieces designed to be every fragment the durable, functional yet stylish diver’s watches for the modern man. The most significant stylistic upgrade is the addition of the new in-house movement. The MT5612 calibre was submitted to COSC for accuracy certification and rated to keep time better than -4/+6 seconds per day. This unity of precision and unparalleled design has given this particular model a cult status and once again raised the bar set by the Tudor brand.



The Brand

Tudor Savoir-Faire

During the early 1970’s, Tudor really began to step out of the shadows with the release of their innovative Chronograph models. The blend of uncompromised craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail allowed the brand to transform the traditional chronograph style with the inclusion of a date – a desirable addition for many people with the release of the 1971 Monte-Carlo model rocketing in popularity.