Laboratory Grown Diamonds at Wakefields

Offering one of the largest collections of diamond jewellery in West Sussex, Wakefieldsis alsohome to a curated selection of laboratory grown diamond jewellery. 

Our Laboratory Grown Diamonds 

Created instead of mined, each lab grown stone has been hand-selected for its incredible colour, clarity and cut, following the exact same grading as traditional diamonds. Only featuring lab grown diamonds with D-F in colour and VS clarity as standard, each stone is hand-chosen for its exceptional cut and polish, meaning that your jewellery is always guaranteed to be crafted with outstanding excellence.

Diamonds or Laboratory Grown Diamonds?

Identical in every way, it is impossible to distinguish lab grown from mined diamonds without specialist equipment. Both share that iconic, timeless sparkle that makes diamonds so desirable. 

Since lab grown diamonds are not as limited in their availability as their mined counterparts, this means that higher quality stones can be selected in larger sizes, making them a more affordable option for anyone who is searching for maximum sparkle within their budget.   

Expert Advice & Guidance

We understand that it can be overwhelming for someone new to jewellery to determine a good quality laboratory  grown stone. For this reason, we believe it is really important that we offer education and guidance at the point of purchasing a diamond, whether it is lab grown or mined, so that our customers can leave the store feeling confident in the exceptional quality of jewellery that they have purchased.

Discover Laboratory Grown Diamonds 

If you are thinking of taking the next step in your relationship, or simply looking to spoil your loved one or yourself with an unforgettable gift, you might consider lab grown diamond jewellery as an option. 

Explore the laboratory grown diamond collection in store or online at Wakefields. Our expert, friendly team guide will be only too happy to guide you through the designs.