Actress Lily Collins took to Instagram this week to announce her engagement to Writer-Director Charlie McDowell. Having dated for just over a year, Charlie popped the question to Lily during their recent trip to New Mexico.

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell Proposal New Mexico

Lily captioned photos of her proposal moment with “I’ve been waiting my lifetime for you and I can’t wait to spend our lifetime together,” Whilst Charlie shared a message on his own Instagram page, “In a time of uncertainty and darkness you have illuminated my life. I will forever cherish my adventure with you.”

Lily’s engagement ring is incredibly unique and very stylish. The ring appears to be a rose-cut, pink diamond set in a plain, thin band.

Lily Collins Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Thought to be one of the original diamond cuts, rose cut diamonds have an extensive history that dates back to the early 1500s. Recognisable for its triangular facets, rose cut diamonds curve into a peaked dome or kite shape. This unusual structure is what got the stone cut its name, as it’s thought to resemble the soft curve of a rose petal.

Lily Collins Rose Cut Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Close Up

The choice of a pink blushed stone is also unconventional compared to the demand for white diamonds in engagement ring designs, yet it makes a stunning alternative. The soft, warm pink hue, is very flattering and adds a tint of colour without detracting from the versatility of the ring.

Diamond by Appointment Blush Engagement Ring Collection at Wakefields

Lily’s engagement ring is so unique, we couldn’t find a similar ring available in stock at Wakefields, but we do have a number of designs from our Diamond by AppointmentBlush’ collection which captures the beauty of her engagement ring.

Diamond by Appointment Blush Engagement Ring Collection at Wakefields

The Blush collection at Wakefields features a selection of blush-coloured diamond cluster designs, set with accents of 18ct rose gold to accentuate the natural hue of the stones. Unique, elegant and romantic, it’s the perfect choice for anyone interested in coloured gemstone engagement rings, without the commitment of a saturated colour.

If, however you’ve fallen in love with the elegance of Lily’s diamond ring, there is also the option to create a bespoke design. At Wakefields, we can create the engagement or diamond ring of your dreams, with our on-site workshop and highly-skilled jewellers. We have years of experience in design and will help guide you through the design process, ensuring the finished product is truly perfect.

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