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With a new month, comes an exciting new Brand of the Month in store. And for July we’ll be celebrating Clogau – Wale’s most loved jewellery brand.

As a second generation family business based in Wales, Clogau has over 25 years of experience of working with incredibly rare Welsh gold from the Snowdonia Mountains. Staying true to their roots, the brand always incorporates even the smallest amount of Welsh gold into every single one of their unique designs across their ever expanding collections.

The wonderful thing about Clogau jewellery is that although it’s Wale’s most loved jewellery brand, we increasingly find new customers who fall in love with their quaint yet stylish designs. Whether you opt to purchase a piece from Clogau because you want to capture a personal piece of your heritage, or simply have been bewitched by the intricate and high quality craftsmanship of their designs, there’s a little piece of jewellery for everyone to enjoy in store.

Adding to the exclusivity of Clogau’s jewellery, the mine from which their gold was discovered was also favoured by royalty. Wedding rings of Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the late Diana Princess of Wales, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, and most recently, the Duchess of Cambridge all came from the famous Clogau St. David’s Gold Mine, making it the most sought after jewellery in the world.

Despite the gold’s royal past, Clogau creates a striking array of jewellery that bridges the gap between fine and fashion. Blending traditional Welsh gold into innovative and contemporary new designs, the brand’s creations are suited to both those who love traditional jewellery but also those who’re looking for exciting, fashion-conscious pieces too.

So without further ado we’re going to showcase some of our favourite collections and hopefully inspire you to consider Clogau next time you’re looking for a new treat to add to your jewellery collection!

Whimsical Wings

Clogau 1

Appealing to the free spirit within you, Clogau’s beautifully intricate and feminine butterfly designs will add a little interest to any ensemble. With their lace-like wings and gorgeous Welsh gold detailing, Clogau’s butterflies will conjure imagery of secret gardens and wild florals highlighted by dappled sunlight – the perfect embellishment for any summer look. Whilst we appreciate the magnificent beauty of butterflies, their deeper symbolism is equally as important. They’re linked to themes of love, time, elegance and the soul, and at Wakefields we believe they’re an incredibly delicate and sophisticated way of showcasing your style and personality to the world. We certainly can imagine the assortment of rings, lockets and earrings being dressed up or down for all occasions, and think they’ll look particularly stunning paired with a pastel day dress for any summer weddings you have marked in your diary this year!

Beloved Bows

Clogau 2

Though many of us still associate ribbons and bows as accessories from our childhood, tied into our hair or used to fasten a frilly party dress. Clogau have reimagined the creative boundaries set by outdated stereotypes and created an altogether more sophisticated bow design. Using clean, overlapping lines and diamond detailing, the brand have a delightful selection of beautifully contemporary bows that will add a little femininity to an outfit whilst still retaining an air of chic elegance. Paired with muted tones, geometric lines and smart tailoring, we think these gorgeous designs will perfectly embellish your office or everyday attire with ease.

Eternal Love

Clogau 3

Often our jewellery boxes are filled with not only sparkling treasures, but they also hold a cherished memory or emotion. And one of the most popular reasons for buying jewellery is to celebrate a loved one, which is why we’ve chosen to highlight Clogau’s Eternal Love collection. Inspired by matters of the heart, the collection not only takes on its shape, but features an array of interlocking, flowing and infinite lines that embrace the idea of an everlasting love. Their classical yet contemporary forms are suited to both everyday or occasion wear and would make for an incredibly romantic gift to present to your loved one on a special occasion or anniversary.

Don’t forget to discover the rest of Clogau’s vast selection of jewellery available to purchase in store at Wakefields Jewellers – plus keep your eyes peeled for an incredibly exciting Clogau event that’ll be taking place later in the month to celebrate the brand as our official ‘Brand of the Month‘ both in store and online!



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