Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve got plenty of news to catch up on from over the festive season, which is always a popular time to pop that all important question. It seems many couples decided to create their own reason to celebrate in 2020, following the difficulties the year presented. The multiple lockdowns allowing people to further appreciate their partners and cement their relationships. At Wakefields we definitely saw this trend for ourselves, but we couldn’t reflect back on Christmas engagement rings, without first highlighting Ariana Grande’s sparkling new diamond and pearl ring.

Ariana Grande Diamond Engagement Ring Selfie

The week before Christmas Ariana Grande took to social media to announce that her boyfriend Dalton Gomez had proposed. Millions of fans and fellow celebrities rushed to congratulate the happy couple, but also commented on her striking new engagement ring.  

Ariana’s engagement ring features a stunning oval cut diamond, set diagonally, paired with a single pearl on a white metal band. The ring is particularly unusual because of the pairing of the contemporary oval-cut diamond with a classic pearl, which is an untraditional choice for an engagement ring.

Ariana Grande Diamond and Pearl Engagement Ring Hand Photo

Though the design may look contemporary, it’s actually inspired the ‘toi et moi’ (you and me) rings which feature two stones that represent a couple’s love for one another. The design has an extensive history that stretches back to 1796, when Napoleon Bonaparte, a revolutionary soldier in the French army, proposed to Joséphine de Beauharnais.

But this isn’t the only historical reference that Ariana’s engagement ring reflects, with many fans believing that the pearl set in the diamond ring was taken from her late grandfather’s tie pin. If this is true, it’s a beautiful way to incorporate a piece of her own family history into the engagement ring and makes the piece of jewellery incredibly sentimental and truly unique.

Ariana Grande's Grandfather's Tie Pin Pearl Set in New EngagementRing

The oval cut was on of 2020’s biggest trends for engagement rings, with many celebrities and our customers alike favouring the elegant, elongated stone cut over classics like round brilliant and princess cuts. Though Ariana’s ring feature’s an oval cut, the overall design has reimagined the trend and created a look that will undoubtedly inspire many jewellery designers in the future.

Whilst we do not have a similar ring to compare to Ariana’s beautifully unique ring, we do stock a variety of oval cut engagement rings  that are perfect for anyone who has fallen in love with that stone cut.

However, there is also the option to create a bespoke design. At Wakefields, we can create the engagement or diamond ring of your dreams, whether it’s a contemporary design or something involving a family heirloom of your own.

For further information about our range of engagement rings, or to learn more about our bespoke design services, you can speak to a member of our team on 01403 264001 during our opening hours, or send an enquiry to [email protected]