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Tissot Watches at Wakefields

Leaders at the forefront of watchmaking design innovation, with years of experience to their name - Tissot, were established in 1853 by Charles-Emile Tissot. The brand are committed to combining the core values of performance, precision and setting new standards, each timepiece is a work of art, intricately designed to be both contemporary and traditional. Offering an extensive selection of watches to meet diverse functional needs and tastes, their meticulous flair for design is present across all of their collections – each timepiece is a work of art that reflects the timeline of rich history, traditional values and thirst for innovation that is synonymous with the Tissot brand name.

Tissot Collections

Tissot continue to push the boundaries of innovative design with their variety of collections. Whilst their sports watches focus on combining technology with robust design, the brand’s other collections highlight their unique heritage and timeless design.



The fine craftsmanship put into the T-Classic collection can be found in abundance. Tissot strives to provide accuracy and quality at every level, no collection embodies this better than the time pieces found in this collection.”


Tissot's numerous partnerships in the world of sports are a source of inspiration. The watches comprising the Tissot T-Sport Collection have all you want in a sports watch; they are precise, contemporary and stylish.


Touch Collection

In 1999 the watch industry witnessed an amazing technological breakthrough with Tissot's creation of its tactile watch. The dynamic watches integrate a touch screen crystal, which is the interactive 'cockpit' of the timepieces' diverse functionalities.


The watches in this collection are dedicated to women in touch with fashion, who are looking for a timepiece to wear at any occasion. They reflect the current trends with their colour, material and style, illustrating a contemporary lifestyle.


Discover Tissot

As an official Tissot retailer, you can explore our collection exclusively online. Discover Tissot’s timepieces that push the boundaries of technology, whist offering their own unique approach to design and detail.


Get in Touch

View our entire collection of Tissot timepieces exclusively online, or get in touch with us to register your interest in a specific model.

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