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Bremont Watches

A British watch brand characterised by boundless energy and imagination


About Bremont

It’s hard to believe that Bremont has only been around since 2002. The award-winning British watch company owes its distinctive character to Nick and Giles English, the brothers who founded it. In particular, their love of flying historical aircraft, and their passion for all things mechanical, are part of its fabric.

The brothers have made short work of realising their ambition to make superbly crafted pilot’s watches of exceptional quality. They continue to break new ground in this niche, seeking out exciting collaborations and rare materials that lend a special edge to each new watch release.

Bremont U22 Bronze

Bremont Quality

Bremont Alt1c watch chronograph

Accurate, dependable and durable, Bremont watches are hand-built in limited numbers. They are designed to appeal to those who appreciate innovation and the craftsmanship of a beautiful, mechanical wristwatch.

Bremont watches are tested beyond the normal call of duty. The models in the core range are all COSC-certified and Bremont is one of the few companies offering a three-year warranty on every product.



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Bremont Innovation

In 2014, Bremont unveiled the ‘ultimate aviation watch’, the Bremont Wright Flyer. Original muslin from the first powered aircraft, the 1903 Wright Flyer, was layered between the period-decorated rotor plate and a sapphire crystal window. Wakefields Jewellers was incredibly privileged to sell number 48 in this limited edition to one of our valued watch clients.

In Spring 2015, Bremont launched the Bremont Jaguar MKI and MKII watches. The road-going Jaguar E-type provides the inspiration for these watch designs: Its signature speedometer and tachometer are echoed by the watch face; while the three-spoke steering wheel is mimicked by the striking automatic winding weight, complete with the iconic Jaguar head at its centre.

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