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FOPE has a rich history with humble beginnings. Founder, Umberto Cazzola, opened his first goldsmith’s workshop in Vicenza, Italy in 1929, where he specialised in creating innovative jewellery and watch strap designs using gold. Over the years FOPE combined Cazzola’s innovative ideas with new technologies, allowing them to develop revolutionary products, such as the Flex’it system – a patented feature that has become synonymous with the brand’s jewellery designs.

FOPE Jewellery

Many of FOPE’s signature designs feature their unique Flex’it system. The selection of flexible bracelets (and sometimes rings) crafted from 18ct gold, are combined with tiny springs hidden between each link. The result is an elegant roll-on piecing of jewellery that can be worn with ease around the clock.


Eka Tiny

An extension of FOPE’s striking Eka collection, the word Eka deriving from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘One’, the Eka Tiny collection shares the same elegance with as the original with a slightly more delicate design. Based on one of FOPE’s inventions from the 1950s, it applies the concept of flexibility to jewellery, blending together luxury and innovation.


One of the latest additions to the Flex’it family is Prima. The Prima design is distinctive with its light mesh chain that perfectly envelopes the innovative 18ct gold springs which make the designs smooth and flexible to wear.



The Panorama collection embodies a true celebration of the understated luxury which FOPE has always championed - with an extra touch of elegance.

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