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Top 5 Jewellery Care Tips for Summer 2018

This past weekend’s glorious sunshine had many of us heading to the beach, or setting up a BBQ in our back gardens, just making the most of the fantastic weather. For some though, it might also have sparked a desire to head away on vacation, for some extra relaxation and added vitamin D.

Naturally we’ll want to pack up all of our best summer wear and jewellery so that we can look amazing when we’re heading out for the evening. But did you know that when you’re travelling away from home, it’s the time when you’re most likely to lose or damage your jewellery?

Because of this, we’ve got our Top 5 Tips to make sure you don’t suffer the same fate, and your jewellery makes it home with you in one piece!

SS18 Jewellery Care - Pack with care

  1. Pack with care.

It can be tempting to just throw your jewellery into a travel jewellery box and hope for the best. But let us tell you from experience, carefully packing up your jewellery can save you time and tears upon arrival. Diamonds are hard enough to scratch other gemstones, particularly pearls, so we recommend putting items into individual pouches, or wrapping them up. If you’ve ever had to sit and untangle a chain, you’ll know what a chore it can be, so don’t just let your necklaces get tangled like Christmas lights, keep them separate or even thread them through straws if you’re looking for an affordable and time saving travel hack.

SS18 Jewellery Care - Take jewellery off around sand

  1. Leave the sand castles to the kids.

Sand is naturally abrasive and will wreak havoc on the jewellery you’re wearing, particularly rings. It’ll act like coarse sandpaper on gemstones and metal, causing it to look dull, or even damage the stones depending on how soft they are. When picking jewellery to wear for the day, consider this factor if you’re heading to the beach, or simply forgo it until you’re out for the evening.

SS18 Jewellery Care - Don't sunbathe

  1. Sunbathe sans sparklers.

It’s not until you have a ring or piece of jewellery cleaned, that you wear every day, that you realise how sparkly it truly is. It’s easy to forget to take off rings when washing your hands, but we really recommend avoiding sun cream when wearing precious gemstones. The cream forms a coating that can build up over the stones, reducing their refractive and reflective light, meaning your jewellery will look dull and lacklustre. Plus some gemstones can be affected by sunlight and high temperatures, causing colours to fade or change, so it’s best not to risk your jewellery when poolside.

SS18 Jewellery Care - Take jewellery off before swimming

  1. Take your jewellery off before swimming.

If you’ve been sunbathing and decide to take a dip in the ocean to cool off, naturally your hands are going to cool down and your fingers will shrink in size making it easy for rings to slide off. Sadly in most cases you’re unlikely to be aware of this straight away, and your ring will be swept away with the tide before you can find it. Whilst you’re likely to be able to dive to the bottom of a pool to retrieve it, the harsh chemicals used to balance the water can react with your jewellery causing it to dull, or be damaged. It’s probably better to just remove your jewellery completely before taking a dip.

SS18 Jewellery - Protect Your Investment

  1. Protect your investment.

When removing your jewellery at home, you might be in the habit of leaving it in a dish, or placing them on your bedside, but it’s best to be more aware of where you’re putting your jewellery on holiday. If your hotel has a safe deposit box, it’s always advised to make use of it. It’s also a good idea to keep your jewellery away from the sink if you’re taking it off before you shower – it’s not uncommon for items to easily slip down the drain!

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