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Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Collection

‘Love Bridge: a collection for all & loved by all!’

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one can provide a lot of obstacles. Striking the harmonious balance between discovering a present that will be exactly what they want, whilst expressing the precise message you want to convey, can be a challenge. So what better way to tell someone you love them - than actually telling them you love them!


About Thomas Sabo Love Bridge

An exciting new addition to their best-selling jewellery, Thomas Sabo’s latest line, Love Bridge consists of an assortment of bracelets and necklaces with a 925 sterling silver, 18ct rose or yellow gold plated bar – the love bridge, a silver disc or simple silver heart that can be engraved with a message, the initials or a symbol.

The customisable quality of the pieces, bridges a connection between two people, however unlike the name suggests, it’s not exclusively designed for lovers with the jewellery extending to an expression of true friendship or close family bond. Whether you choose to declare your love, friendship or your share your life mottos, the right engraving can turn a simple bracelet or necklace into a personalised, memento that you can treasure forever.


The Collection

Love Bridge

The collection features a variety of stunning styles of bracelets and necklaces to choose from, ranging from fine 925 sterling silver bracelets and delicate beaded bracelets to the use of freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones such as rose quartz, tiger’s eye, haematite to name a few – each featuring a rose gold, yellow gold plated or silver love bridge, just waiting for you to inscribe with your personalised, sentimental engraving.

To ensure that everyone can experience the special love bridge connection, Thomas Sabo have specifically designed their range to cater to both Glam & Soul ladies and Rebel at Heart gentlemen.

The brand’s unique array of unisex styles come in an assortment of colours and styles, featuring skulls, indie-rock silver feathers amidst other intricate detailing. With so many different styles, colours and combinations across the range, Thomas Sabo’s Love Bridge collection will be the perfectly translate whatever emotion or celebration you wish to share with your loved one – their eternally classic styles will make a special lasting memory, that will stand the test of time.



The Name

The Inspiration Behind the Name ‘Love Bridge’ The idea of the Love Bridge collection takes inspiration from the longstanding tradition practised by lovers across the globe. As a symbol for their everlasting bond, couples put a padlock engraved with their initials on famous bridges in the most romantic cities around the world – from Paris to Hamburg and London.

The padlocks become a physical declaration of the eternal, unbreakable and infinite love they share, resulting in the famous bridges being named ‘Love Bridges.’ Adapting this concept in order to create personal and striking jewellery, Thomas Sabo’s latest collection will be a new symbol that will testify the boundless love shared between two people.

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