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Lalique Women's Jewellery

History of Lalique

Founded over a century ago, in 1888, Lalique has withstood the test of time as the definitive symbol of French luxury. One of the jewels in the crown of France’s crystal industry, Lalique continues to thrive as a truly timeless lifestyle brand – stemming from their beginnings with lavish glass ornaments the brand now spans across five categories in total: jewellery, decorative items, interior design, perfumes and art.

Lalique has been a prominent name throughout history, their unparalleled aptitude for design, earnt the brand many well-earned opportunities to make their mark in the world of architecture and large-scale interior design. Most famous examples of their projects include their decorating of the Cote D’Azur Pullman Express Train, fashion designer Madeline Vionnet’s haute couture salons, the interior design of a world-class dining room of the luxury liner Normandie and creating the fountain, which for a time decorated the Galerie des Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Preserving and prolonging the creative genius of founder René Lalique at the very heart of their vision, the brand continue to push forward the boundaries of design in all aspects of their craft. Issuing superb, crystal perfume bottles, innovating striking new jewellery designs, embarking on major architectural projects and designing a unique Lalique world dedicated to the home. All this alongside working with artists to produce limited editions in crystal and to recreate its cultural heritage, demonstrates the devotion the brand have to continually maintain their reputation across the globe.



With an extensive selection of pendants, earrings and bracelets, ranging from fine to costume jewellery, you’ll be sure to find a piece which truly reflects your personality. The master jewellers costume collection features finely chiselled crystal alongside sterling silver, creating radiant and unique designs, unmistakable of Lalique craftsmanship. With their large, tactile qualities the statement pieces encapsulate contemporary personality in their timeless designs – featuring geometric and angular shapes, inspiration from wildlife the latest fashion trends, the diverse assortment continues to capture the hearts and minds of the world.

A refreshing contrast from their statement, costume jewellery collection, Lalique’s fine jewellery selection is the other side of the creative spectrum. Meticulously crafted, the brand’s collection features delicate, precious metals encrusted with rare and colourful gemstones to evoke the extreme opulence and luxury Lalique is renowned for. Innovators of design, each piece of fine jewellery the brand creates is a miniature work of art – Lalique’s heightened sense of style and flair for design translates effortlessly across each area of the arts, ensuring your investment will remain timeless for decades to come.

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