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Diamonfire Women's Jewellery

About Diamonfire

Exuding such luxurious sparkle, you can be forgiven for mistaking Diamonfire’s selection of exquisite jewellery for actual diamonds. However each piece of the brand’s collection features the Diamonfire-Zirconia stone – with 57 facets precisely hand-cut, the stone is a striking alternative to its natural counterpart. The process of selecting the Diamonfire-Zirconia stones is as meticulous as the process diamonds endure; measured in carats and certified according to the criteria ‘Cut’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Proportion.’

Only the highest quality stones which meet the triple ‘excellent’ standard are incorporated into their selection, plus with the addition of a unique 3-layer plating consisting of rhodium, palladium and platinum, the Diamonfire pieces feature an almost life-long tarnish protection, meaning your jewellery will maintain its sparkle for years to come.


Passionate about watches and jewellery, Links of London continually evolves to fit the demands of their customers with exciting new techniques and ideas, whilst still emphasising the core values of high quality design blended with a British touch.


Diamonfire understand the importance of appealing to a wide variety of personalities and tastes, drawing inspiration from this notion, the brand have created 10 definitive Character Lines – ranging from ‘All time Classics’ which exude a timeless quality, to the latest ‘must-haves.’ There’s a style to suit everyone’s personal preferences.

Reimagining classic jewellery with a contemporary twist, although the collection ‘All time Classics’ may conjure imagery of outdated styles, Diamonfire have ensured that their classics are every bit as contemporary and beautiful as their more exotic designs. Emanating a chic sense of style from the pendants to the earrings, the brand’s selection will add a touch of sparkle and old-style Hollywood glamour to your ensemble for any occasion.

Diamonfire’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection introduced a splash of colour, interspersed with gold and rose gold plating – design features which continually prove to be a firm favourite across the globe. The selection took on a refreshing, aesthetic quality, with the vibrant colours and intricate designs appealing to playful, vivacious and flirtatious personalities.

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