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Daisy London Women's Jewellery

Borne out of a love for the beautiful and the exotic, out of a passion for travel and far-flung shores and out of a taste for adventure; there’s some Daisy in all of us.

Known globally for the Original Chakra bracelet, the brands iconic Chakra collection has become a trend in itself, paving the way for wellness focused jewellery.

Each collection carries a story inspired by the things we love and cherish, offering more than just an accessory. Daisy capture these elements in their initial designs, right through to the finished product. Their attention to detail is why Daisy has made such an impact in the press as well as being spotted on countless celebrities, including their original Daisy cover girl, Cara Delevingne.



Whether you’re making daisy chains at a festival, practicing yoga further ashore or simply retreating to your favourite coffee house, the brands collections are the perfect fit for every part of the Daisy girls’ world.


Daisy - A welcome reminder of nature’s seasonal changes, the symbol of the daisy reflects a time to reawaken and start afresh. Inspired by the carefree nature of the simple English flower, the daisy’s roots are spread, springing into life wherever she lands.

Nature's Way - Enjoy walking with nature wherever the wind takes you and discover a new side of Daisy. This collection embodies the carefree essence of our core Daisy collection, whilst intertwining symbols of birds, bees and leaves to bring to life our bestselling range.



Good Karma - Carry a token or two to bring good fortune. Karma is the belief that a good deed and a life full of respect will bring good things to you. The emblems in this collection have been carefully selected from a multitude of cultural symbolic beliefs to wear as an expression of hope.

Halo - The necklace with endless possibilities. A modern take on the locket, this collection allows you to change your style to reflect your mood. Colours, shapes, stones and symbols; the coins can be changed as much or as little as you’d like. Mixing and matching metals creates a bespoke look.

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