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Bronzallure Women's Jewellery

Designed in Milan, Italy and embellished with semi-precious and natural colourful stones.


About Bronzallure

Bronzallure Bracelets

Bronzallure was formed by Milor Spa, an Italian firm based in Milan, with an expertise in jewellery spanning over three decades. Creating their first jewellery pieces in 2011, Bronzallure immediately captured the hearts and minds of people internationally. Within less than three years, the brand has reached incredible heights of success, with their unique, innovative and striking collections.

Reimagining the use of bronze in contemporary jewellery, Bronzallure’s entire collection is crafted from the enduring metal. The use of bronze over the ages has been significant, with a colourful history in art, architecture and sculpture – Bronzallure’s success can be largely contributed to the renaissance of the material.

With the brand developing new metal-blending techniques and reinterpreting it’s place in the jewellery world in order to create beautiful, feminine and sophisticated pieces in 18ct rose gold plated bronze, adorned with semi-precious and natural colourful stones.


Bronzallure Lifestyle

Meticulously crafted with an intricate attention to detail, each collection carries the unmistakable stylish, chic elegance of its birthplace, the fashion capital, Milan. Featuring an assortment of naturally formed quartz stones in stunning colour combinations; offset against black onyx quartz, the selection contrasts beautifully with the rose gold and coloured crystal elements.

Created for women who adore a distinctive and sophisticated style, each of Bronzallure’s pieces of jewellery combine a touch of colour and pinch of personality with impressive opulence.
Bronzallure’s ‘MaPerle’ collection incorporates freshwater pearls in their stylish designs.

Modernising the use of pearls in jewellery, the brand preserves the eternally, classic appeal of pearls whilst unifying their charm with the bewitching qualities of rose gold – available in a variety of refreshing designs ranging from necklaces and bangles to earrings, pendants and rings, you can be sure to discover a unique piece of Bronzallure jewellery you will fall in love with.

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