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Longines Watches at Wakefields

Confident and gracious in their success, Longines’ strong devotion to tradition, elegance and performance are all contributing factors to their overwhelming accomplishments. With their timepieces divided into 5 definitive categories: Elegance, Classic, Watchmaking Tradition, Sport and Heritage – each collection embodies different features which demonstrate the diverse skill and appeal of the brand to all personalities and preferences.

Longines Collections

Discover an array of watches that carefully blend elegance, tradition and performance in their design. Each watch collection has its very own style, while remaining true to the timeless elegance of Longines.



Let the delicacy of these Swiss watches enthral you with their harmonious lines, inspired by timeless class. The ageless refinement of these creations can only compare to the technical precision of their manufacturing. These timepieces will accompany you elegantly to even the most sophisticated occasions.


Longines has been renowned for its classic and understated creations since the brand was founded. Pure, elegant, clearly legible faces and defined shapes allow the essence of their timepieces to shine through, for an enduring character that resists the latest fashion trends. Available in a wide range of models, all distinguished by their refined style, the “Classic” line of timepieces is a collection with a broad appeal. The finest of timeless creations, they embody the brand’s fundamental values and are a major contributor to Longines’ global success.


Watchmaking Tradition

Whether they are aesthetic or technical, Longines; watchmaking innovations have, over the years, established the winged hourglass of the brand as an actual symbol of Swiss watchmaking expertise and elegance. The mechanical watches of this collection are the result of the brand’s longstanding tradition. The charm and character of the exceptional automatic watches will appeal to even the most demanding people.


Longines’ sports watches are the embodiment of the very special bond that the brand has built with the world of sports throughout its history, There’s creations combine innovation with sophistication, and illustrate the quest for performance that is essential to the Swiss watchmaker. Their elegance and their exceptional technical features will accompany you every day.



Longines has created this remarkable collection as an homage to the original elegance and aesthetic of its historic timepieces. This collection combines their refinement of the past to the high precision of modern Swiss watchmaking techniques. You will surely appreciate the charm of these unique automatic watches that perfectly embody the essence of the winged hourglass brand.

Discover Longines

As an official Longines retailer, our store provides the perfect environment to explore Longines’ unique brand heritage, their devotion to excellence and the exceptional models included in their collection.


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