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Bering Unisex White Face Watch

White Face Unisex Chonograph Watch

With a 40mm face, this watch is designed to be shown off. It's styling is very simple yet elegant. Made specifically to appeal to both men and women, it has a minimalist feel using only red, white and black on the dial face.

The watch has a slim fit, so while it has a wide face it doesn't feel chunky on the wrist making it easy to fit under a cuff when required.

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Bering Design

Arctic Design Bering

Bering was conceived by Danish explorer René Kaershov. His love of the Arctic inspired him to design watches that are as pure and beautiful as the Arctic.

Each Bering watch is created to be longlasting, timelessy beautiful and elegant. The materials used are carefully selected to provide strength and durability.

Inspired by the beauty of the arctic, Bering watches are characterised by their purity of design, combined with understated strength. Less is more, as decorative elements are pared down to a minimum. Using high-quality, durable materials, including high-tech ceramic, stainless steel and sapphire glass, Bering ensures that its watches don’t just exude elegance: they are also built to last.


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Arctic Design Bering

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Bering's High Standards: Technology & Features of Bering's watches

From the start, there was to be no compromise: Bering watches had to be well built, from the best materials.

The high-tech ceramic Bering uses is comfortable to wear, scratch-resistant, feather light, heat-resistant and anti-allergic.

Bering sapphire glass offers high translucency and light refraction, enhancing the clarity of the watch face. It’s also scratch-resistant and incredibly tough.

As well as being the perfect material for elegant contemporary design, the surgical steel used by Bering is the same grade as is used in medical engineering.

Ceramic Case Slim Design

Slim Design

A special design unique to Bering uses a flat HighTech Ceramic case. This helps to keep the watch sitting flat on your wrist.

Bering Sapphire Glass

Sapphire Glass

All Bering watches feature sapphire glass which is scratch resistant. Sapphire glass is used in many luxury watch brands.

Watch Materials

Stainless Steel & Ceramic

Each of the watches are made from either surgical grade stainless steel or high tech ceramic.


More Bering Information

Bering Logo

In 2008, Danish adventurer and businessman René Kaerskov arrived by helicopter at the Arctic. The minute he jumped out of the helicopter and set foot in the vast, icy landscape, he was captivated.

On returning to Denmark, the vivid memory of the breath taking Arctic scenery stayed with him. It is this vision, of a never-ending white horizon, that inspired the Bering brand. He conceived an idea: to create a collection of watches that were ‘as pure, clear and breathtakingly beautiful as the Arctic’.

With business partners Michael Witt Johansen and Lars Gram-Skjønnemann, he embraced this challenge. Ultimately, the team came up with Bering, a watch brand with a simple, linear style, along with impressive durability.

Bering watches were always designed to be an accessible brand. Despite the use of premium quality materials, including high-tech ceramic, sapphire glass and stainless steel, they are affordable, with prices starting at around £100.

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Watch Packaging

Bering Watch Packaging

All Bering watches come in official packaging.

Browse the range online, or come to our store in Horsham, West Sussex to view the products in person and to try them out.

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