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Valuation Service in Horsham

If you’ve got a few bits of jewellery tucked away somewhere that you’d be interested in discovering their true value, it’s worth taking the time to bring in your items in to us.

Once a month, we have an independent Valuer who attends the store in Horsham and will value up to 25 items on the day.

Due to the restricted amount of items that can be valued in one day, we ask that you phone us up in store to find out when the Valuer will next be coming in and whether there’s any space available. We’ll then book your items in with us over the phone, and ask that you bring them anytime up to the day before we’ve booked your items in – please note all your jewellery and items will be covered by our insurance and locked away in our safe whilst they’re on our premises. Any items bought into us on the day of being valued will not be accepted.

The valuation document fee is £60 + the cost of each individual item on top with prices starting from £60.

Once the valuation has taken place, we’ll phone you to let you know that your items are ready to be collected.