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Pearl re-threading in Horsham


Pearl bracelets and strands are an eternally stylish choice of jewellery - versatile and sophisticated, pearls can be worn at any occasion without looking out of place. But over time, through every day wear, residue builds up in between the pearls and softens the material upon which they’re threaded. As the thread weakens, there’s more chance of the strand snapping, and eventually the thread can look discoloured and tired.

As with everything else, the ‘life’ of an object depends on how well you look after it. At Wakefields Jewellers in Horsham, we’d recommend having your pearls restrung every few years to avoid damaging your pearls should the thread snap during wear.

If you’d like to have your pearls rethreaded, simply pop in to us with your item of jewellery (or individual pearls if your necklace/bracelet has already snapped) and we’ll have them rethreaded for you. This process should take up to 2 weeks and cost is dependent on the size of the item, but usually costs £30/£35 per row.

Many people don’t know that over time, the thread your pearls are strung can stretch. Because of this when you come to rethread your necklace or bracelet, it’s not uncommon for your jewellery to shrink in length. If you specifically need your jewellery to be a certain length in order to be the perfect fit for you, let us know when you bring your pearls in, if your necklace is likely to shrink. We’ll source additional pearls to be an identical match that’ll add the finishing touch to your jewellery.

Whenever you purchase pearls from us, or decide to have them rethreaded we’ll provide you will a card which has all the details and care advice you’ll ever need for keeping your pearls in pristine condition.