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Jewellery Repairs in Horsham

Though some of our loyal customers at Wakefields Jewellers who’ve shopped with us over the years, will be familiar with the variety of services we provide, many will be surprised to learn that tucked away above the store, we have our very own workshop and jeweller busily working away in Horsham, catering to all of your needs.

From jewellery polishing & cleaning, through to general maintenance, repairs and bespoke design, our skilful jeweller, Wlodek, is very much at the heart of the store behind the scenes. If you’ve ever admired the sparkle of your diamond ring after having it polished by us, or had a piece of jewellery restored to its former glory, you’ll have him to thank.

But whilst Wlodek is our in-house jeweller, you may also be surprised to learn that we work with a number of designers and jewellers across the South East, who work around the clock to create some of the most outstanding pieces of bespoke jewellery. Depending on what jewellery related challenge you put in our trusted hands, we’ll choose the person or team with the required skillset to get to work on the task.