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Ear Piercing in Horsham

Ear Piercing

+ Why Should I Choose Wakefields Jewellers in Horsham?

At Wakefields, as well as having over 150 years of experience in jewellery under our belts, we also offer an ear piercing service that’s carried out in-store by our very lovely, fully licensed professionals. With customer satisfaction always at the forefront of our minds, we work hard to maintain the excellent, tailored and personal service we provide to our customers and strive to make them feel relaxed and at home in our family oriented store.

Having offered our ear piercing service for many years and working closely with our supplier, we have streamlined the art of piercing, and combined meticulously trained professionals with fastidious hygiene, to ensure each ear piercing is carried out with accurate care and attention.

+ Ear Piercing Options?

We offer a wide variety of ear piercings in-store so that you can achieve your desired look. In order to help you decide the type of piercing you’d like, we’ve listed a comprehensive list below:

Single Lobe Piercing – A single piercing on one ear.

Pair Lobe Piercing – A single piercing on both ears.

Second Lobe Piercing – If you love your single lobe piercings, why not add a second one!

+ How Old Do I Need To Be?

We are able to carry out ear piercings on anyone from the age of 6+

Please note: If you’re under 16 you will need to bring a parent or legal guardian along with you who is able to provide consent.

In some cases we may need to see ID to confirm your age, in this instance we will accept the following forms of identification:

- Driving License

- Passport

- Proof of Age ID Card

+ What Do I Need To Do?

Just relax!

Once you’ve spoken to our trained professionals about the type of ear piercing and earrings you’d like, our specialist will clean and mark your earlobe and give you time to double check the positioning.

Once you agree that it’s exactly how you’d like it to be, the piercing will be over in a matter of seconds. Before you leave, you’ll receive information on how to care for your new piercings along with a bottle of aftercare lotion to ensure your piercing is left protected and be

encouraged to return for a free check up to ensure that your piercing is healing as it should.

+ Aftercare Advice

  • - Always wash hands thoroughly before touching your studs or ear.

  • - Cleanse the front and back of the ear 2 times a day with the lotion provided without removing your studs.

  • - Apply the lotion to the front and back of the stud and gently slide forward and back, repeat twice daily.

  • - Try to keep products such as hairspray, soap and shampoo away from the ear as this will slow the healing process.

  • - After washing your hair, the ear should be rinsed with water and the lotion applied to the piercing as above. It’s important to ensure the ear piercing is kept dry in order to aid healing, particularly after swimming and exercise.

  • - Don’t remove the studs from the ear during the healing process or care procedure.

  • - Keep your hands away from your ears during the day to avoid unnecessary contact.

  • - Make sure you don’t push the clasp towards the ear, along the post as tight earrings may increase chances of infection.

  • - Do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to care for newly pierced ears.

Lobe Piercings – We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks to allow the piercing to heal before changing your studs.

+ What We Offer

At Wakefields we have a wide variety of earrings, specifically designed to be worn during the initial healing period. Crafted from 9ct White & Yellow Gold, you’ll be able to choose the style you like prior to our specialist carrying out your piercing.

If you’re allergic to Gold, let us know beforehand and we’ll be able to ensure we have Titanium earrings available as an alternative. This also applies if you require earrings with longer than standard posts.

+ Book

To book your ear piercing please call us on 01403 264001.