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About Diamonfire

Exuding such luxurious sparkle, you can be forgiven for mistaking Diamonfire’s selection of exquisite jewellery for actual diamonds. However each piece of the brand’s collection features the Diamonfire-Zirconia stone – with 57 facets precisely hand-cut, the stone is a striking alternative to its natural counterpart. The process of selecting the Diamonfire-Zirconia stones is as meticulous as the process diamonds endure; measured in carats and certified according to the criteria ‘Cut’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Proportion.’

Only the highest quality stones which meet the triple ‘excellent’ standard are incorporated into their selection, plus with the addition of a unique 3-layer plating consisting of rhodium, palladium and platinum, the Diamonfire pieces feature an almost life-long tarnish protection, meaning your jewellery will maintain its sparkle for years to come.

Customer Favourites

Whether you are treating yourself, or celebrating a special occasion with someone you love. With so many great designs to choose from, we thought we’d share some of our customer favourites with you for inspiration.