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We Buy Your Old Gold

Whether you’ve stumbled upon some gold by chance that you intend to sell, or you’ve been digging through some old treasures in your loft and found some gold jewellery that’s seen better days, if you pop into us at Wakefields Jewellers, we’ll happily purchase your trinkets from you for a competitive price.

When you bring your old gold into us, we’ll keep it safe in store with us for up to two days (length of time may vary depending on how busy we are in store and how many items you plan to sell). Your gold will then be weighed and tested for authenticity – please note, this process again is time dependant, if you’ve got a whole bag of gold items you wish to sell, it’s going to take longer for us to go through them than if you bring in one item.

Once we’ve completed this process, we’ll phone you back with a price we’d like to offer you for the gold (this price will be calculated using the most up to date daily price of gold) – the next step is up to you as to whether you’d like to accept. There’s no obligation and no pressure, if you find you’ve had a change of heart, we’ll simply ask you to pop in at your next available moment to pick up your items, ensuring that everything you brought into us is returned to you safely.

If however, you do decide to accept our offer though, we’ll ask you to pop in to collect your payment – it’s up to you whether you’d prefer to be paid in cash or by cheque.

Don’t forget, if the gold items you’re bringing into us have sentimental or precious stones in that you’d like to keep, just let us know and we’ll remove them from their settings and return them to you.