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Buy/Sell Pre Owned Watches in Horsham

Pre Owned Watches

+ Pre-Owned Watches at Wakefields in Horsham

When purchasing a luxury timepiece, you begin a journey of style and discovery. You’ll travel, create memories, and grow over time with your wristwatch. But as you find new opportunities and paths to take, you may find yourself lusting after a newer model, or a different style that suits who you’ve become.

At Wakefields Jewellers, we understand this eternal quest for the perfect wristwatch. So if you bring your beloved timepiece into us, we may just be able to purchase it from you and make you an enticing offer you’ll find hard to refuse.

Buying & Selling Pre-Owned Watches FAQ’s

+ How does selling pre-owned watches to Wakefields Jewellers work?

If your wristwatch is applicable to the criteria we search for when purchasing timepieces from customers, you’ll have the option as to whether you’d like to receive the full offered amount in cash. Or alternatively we’ll give you the option to use the watch as a part-exchange against another watch in store.

+ How is the value of the watch I want to sell determined?

With over 100 years in the jewellery and watch business, it’s safe to say we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. Our team of experts will be able to give an honest and expert opinion on the true value of the timepiece after having examined its condition.

+ Which watch brands do you accept to purchase?

We’re currently only purchasing Rolex models, though we do have regular in store promotions on sporty and affordable timepieces like Tissot and Citizen. To find out whether your watch is eligible to be purchased, simply bring it in to us in store.

+ Do I need to own the original box and papers to be able to sell my wristwatch?

Yes – this is an important aspect of both the buying and selling process for us. Though exceptions can be made depending on the watch, model and condition, so it’s best to give us a call or pop in store to find out further details.

+ Do you only accept working watches?

Again this is entirely dependent on the model and condition. If the watch is something you purchased years ago, but never wore and it’s just been sitting in your drawer, chances are it just needs a quick service to restore it to its full working condition so we’d be happy to purchase this from you. If you’re unsure whether we’d be interested, it’s always best to just give us a quick call or pop in store for further advice.

+ Is there a certain condition the watch needs to be in for me to sell?

With any pre-owned watch we always anticipate a little wear and tear on the item. Little things like scratched bracelet links can be easily polished out, or the watch itself can be cleaned and serviced to get it looking like new. So unless your timepiece is looking a bit too well worn, chances are we’ll be happy to make you an offer.

+ I’m looking to buy a pre-owned watch from you, will the watch have been already serviced?

Many different pre-owned watches pass through our doors in all manner of models, conditions and ages. Chances are that older models will have been sent away for a service by us, whilst newer timepieces that have been worn a handful of times and purchased within the year won’t have warranted the same sort of treatment. We’ll always tell you everything we know about our pre-owned watches, and whether or not they’ve been serviced recently, and offer the best advice in cases where they haven’t. If you have any questions about our pre-owned watches, there are a number of ways you can contact us, or simply pop in store.

+ I think I’ve decided I’d rather have my watched serviced / repaired over selling it – what should I do?

For further information on how our watch repairs and services work, click here.

+ Are the prices advertised on pre-owned watches negotiable?

As an honest and reputable family jewellers, you can rest assured that the price we sell our pre-owned watches at, is the very best and highly competitive with other high-street jewellers. So it’s for this reason that the retail price on our pre-owned watches is not negotiable.