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Wakefields Inspiration: The Best Christmas 2015 Gift Ideas for Men

As much as we hate to admit it, we can’t hide from the fact that Christmas is once again fast approaching. It’s the beginning of October and before we all know it, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Black Friday will have flashed past in a blur, leaving us stood at the beginning of Advent wondering what gifts to buy our loved ones.silver_gift_wrap

For those who want this year to be a little different though, we’ll be making it as easy as possible to find gifts for your friends, family and partners, starting with the men in your life.

When it comes to gift giving, men can often be a little trickier to purchase for. Of course you can play it safe and opt for the eternally favourite men’s categories of sports, DIY or tech gadgets, but why not think outside the box this year and really surprise your Dad, Brother or Husband with a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

Once only associated with the Victorian era, true, gentlemanly style appears to have turned a complete circle and become very much in-vogue once again. At Wakefields we’re big fans of tailored suits, tie clips and cufflinks and are keen to share just a snippet of some of the incredibly stylish and contemporary products we stock in store – we know you’ll be sure to find a little something special that’ll make the perfect present!

Quirky Cufflinks

If the man in your life is looking for something a little extraordinary that’ll showcase his flamboyant sense of style or add a splash of personality to his otherwise formal attire, then we have a fabulous assortment of cufflinks in store that’ll suit any style. From brightly coloured, crystal creations to intricately carved designs, the collections of cufflinks from the jewellery designers we stock are simply striking.

For a contemporary unity between sterling silver and brightly coloured enamel, we recommend Babette Wasserman or Deakin & Francis’ designs. Babette’s cufflinks range from miniature motor cars to tiny timepieces that’ll add a bit of fun to any wrist. Whilst Deakin & Francis have more contemporary designs which will add a certain panache to your suit.


In store our particular favourite from the brand are the eye-catching, frog cufflinks from Deakin & Francis and the retro camera cufflinks from Babette Wasserman – perfect for the selfie obsessed male or photography aficionado!

francis deakin

Classic Cufflinks

If you’re buying for a man who’s less ostentatious in his dress sense and prefers to keep his accessories more classic than contemporary, we’d recommend either Links of London or Baccarat for the ultimate gift.

Links of London have a stunning assortment of silver cufflinks in all kind of shapes and styles, whilst keeping their overall aesthetic very subtle and non-obtrusive. Ranging from geometric squares and ovals that’ll sit flush against the cuff, to hidden message scroll cufflinks and miniature skulls, we know you’ll adore the unique simplicity.


However if you’d prefer to purchase a design with a splash of colour, Baccarat’s stunning crystal cufflinks will provide the perfect finishing touch. In a variety of radiant colours and geometric designs, the only problem you’ll have is choosing the perfect hue!


Traditional Tie Slides

If you think the gentleman you’re buying for wouldn’t get the use out of cufflinks, then a tie slide is a suitable alternative to smarten up a suit. Though there are many different styles, colours and shapes available to purchase, we personally think a simple, understated design is the most effective. It’s for this reason our favourite tie slide in store is Links of London’s Men’s Essentials Silver Tie Slide – as the name suggests it’s an essential accessory for any male who often finds themselves in a sharp suit.


Wooden Wallets

For some males though, cufflinks and tie clips may not be precisely their cup of tea. In this circumstance we’d recommend switching silver accessories for a whimsical, Wooden Wallet. Hand-crafted by a local designer, the wallets are available to purchase in store and online at Wakefields.

Carved from a variety of different woods, you can choose from a whole selection depending on what type you think will suit them best. Not only do these wallets make for an interesting and unusual gift, they’re a fantastic talking point at social gatherings. If you’re searching for a truly memorable present then these wallets will provide the perfect answer.

Wooden Wallets

Wonderful Wristwatches

If you really want go all out to impress the man in your life, it’s impossible to go wrong with a striking wristwatch. In a range of designs from contemporary, sports-luxe to classical and minimalistic, we stock a whole host of watch brands in store and online – you’re guaranteed to find a timepiece that’ll sit perfectly at home on the wrist of your gentleman.

If you’re looking for a classic, minimalistic wristwatch that’ll be perfect for everyday wear, we’d recommend a design from the likes of Bering or Daniel Wellington. Both brands create striking, contemporary timepieces within an affordable price range. Though Bering’s aesthetics steer more towards a high-octane, sporty vibe, their delightful array of watches will fit into the lifestyle of any modern male, whilst attracting a plethora of compliments in the process.

On the other hand, Daniel Wellington watches are decidedly more classic in their craftsmanship. Encapsulating and celebrating all that’s quintessentially British, the brand have melted classic with contemporary to create a unique and definitive design that has rocketed in popularity over the last year. The brand’s command for social media has contributed to their overwhelming popularity, and the name Daniel Wellington has become an identifiable household name.


PicMonkey Collage

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing for a male whose lifestyle is decidedly more hands on, whether their job requires them to work outside or they’re a weekend action man who gets involved in a variety of sporting events, they’ll require a timepiece that’s designed with this purpose in mind.

At Wakefields we’d recommend watch brands such as Tissot and Citizen for the fuel-filled men who are always on the go! As a brand who are particularly involved with sporting collaborations, Tissot have perfected the art of the sports-luxe design. Their innovating, contemporary and futuristic creations combined with high-quality craftsmanship are ideal for both every day and occasion attire.

On the other hand, Citizen also have an array of exquisite designs incorporated with their pioneering Eco-Drive technology. The brand’s sleek, revolutionary timepieces mean that you’ll never need to worry about a watch battery again! Entirely powered by light, the watches are not only environmentally friendly but incredibly stylish and durable as well!




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