Bespoke jewellery design has always been a passion of ours at Wakefields, and one of our main areas of expertise. We’ve created so many incredible jewellery designs for our customers over the years, but we’ve never been very good about showcasing our final creations. When we began our refurbishment work to create our luxury new showroom, we realised the build presented us with the perfect opportunity to really think about what services we excel at, and how we should incorporate them into our new look.

Wakefields Jewllers Bespoke Design Jewellery Display in Store

Our workshop is a busy hub of activity in the heart of our store, and when we realised exactly how much bespoke design work we carry out that our customers never even get to see, we just couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to create a space in store dedicated to our bespoke creations.

Wakefields Jewellers Bespoke Design Rainbow Sunburst Pendant

If you’ve visited us since we reopened, you’ll have hopefully cast your eyes over the exquisite rainbow sunburst pendant beautifully displayed in our cabinet as you enter the store, alongside a collection of our rainbow sapphire fine jewellery. A striking combination of vibrant coloured gemstones set in an elegant 18ct white gold pendant design, it’s a beautiful bespoke piece we created for one of our wonderful customers, Helen, with an interesting hidden meaning behind the gemstones.

Wakefields Jewellers Rainbow Sapphire Jewellery Collection

The first step in any bespoke jewellery journey is a conversation to discuss ideas about the piece of jewellery you’re hoping to create. Learning more about the customer, their personality, interests and understanding their personal style, is very important when creating a special, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. This is where Melanie Wakefield got to learn all about all of the amazing places that Helen had travelled over the years and how she dreamed of owning a piece of jewellery that could capture the memories of all of those locations. The pair considered design ideas and fell in love with the concept of sourcing stones from each of the locations Helen had travelled to, and incorporating them into a single piece of jewellery that would be vibrant, elegant and meaningful.

Wakefields Jewellers Loose Rainbow Gemstones

From a single conversation, the process of stone sourcing and designing began, before the refined concept was officially ready to begin being hand-crafted in the workshop. Each stone set with meticulous precision and care, ensuring absolute perfection in the final piece.

Wakefields Jewellers Bespoke Fine Jewellery Design Rainbow Pendant - Front

The final result is a truly one-of-a-kind, exquisite piece of fine jewellery that Helen can enjoy wearing for years to come, with the priceless sentimental value of being a lasting reminder of her exciting travels. When Helen got to see the pendant showcased in our jewellery display in our new showroom for the first time, she was absolutely overjoyed. The pendant has become her favourite piece of jewellery that she owns and is greatly admired by her family too, so to see it presented with its story at Wakefields was something really special for everyone involved.  

Wakefields Jewellers Bespoke Fine Jewellery Design Rainbow Pendant - Back

We’ve created some many special pieces of jewellery over the years for our customers and it’s so incredible to finally have a space in the store to showcase our designs for all to enjoy. If you’re interested in taking the first steps with us on your bespoke jewellery journey, simply visit us in store or get in touch with us so you can learn more about our service.