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Top 5 Reasons Why Jewellery Makes the Best Easter Gift

  1. Jewellery will last longer than a chocolate egg

If you’ve got a sweet tooth you’ll know that Easter = copious amounts of chocolate. You’ll probably even remember years where the Easter treats you’ve accumulated haven’t even made it to Easter Sunday, before you’ve broken into the packaging. And though the initial taste of the chocolate is oh so sweet, you’re often left craving more.

So instead of reaching for the chocolate eggs this year, why not opt for a new pair of earrings, or bracelet that is guaranteed to leave you feeling happier for longer about your choices.

Easter Eggs Jewellery Gift 2017

  1. Jewellery is fat & calorie free

We’re well on our way towards summer now, and the warmer weather lately has given us all that little reminder that maybe we should start making healthy food choices and cut back a little. But then the little chocolate shaped bunny rabbits start to line the shelves of all the supermarkets, and the temptation begins to set in.

So this year, why not say no! Avoid temptation and treat yourself to a piece of jewellery that’s calorie free, and will have you feeling summer ready!

Easter Eggs Jewellery Gift 2017

  1. You won’t feel any guilt about buying jewellery or a new timepiece

Ever make an impulse purchase, which gives you that initial buzz, but when you get home you can’t help but feel that your money could’ve been better spent elsewhere?

Well we find that you don’t tend to get that ‘shoppers guilt’ by treating yourself to a new piece of jewellery to add to your collection. Whether it’s a small charm to add to your bracelet, or a gorgeous new pendant, why not pick some lasting sparkle over some chocolate this spring.

Easter Eggs Jewellery Gift 2017

  1. Carats are definitely better than carrots

Reaching for those carrot shaped gourmet chocolates in the Easter aisle? Why not treat yourself to carats instead! There’s no question about it that diamond jewellery is a style investment, a simple pair of studs or pendant will transcend all of the seasons and add a little luxe to any look.

Easter Eggs Jewellery Gift 2017

  1. The long term commitment to baby chicks and bunnies just isn’t realistic

Cute little fluffy chicks and bunny rabbits might be high up on your wishlist this Easter, but in the long run, they require A LOT of commitment.

So skip all the responsibility and hard work that comes with owning cute little animals, and take home a little bunny rabbit pendant, crafted by Alexis Dove instead – just as sweet!

Easter Eggs Jewellery Gift 2017

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