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Gift Guide: Top 10 ‘Must-Have’ Ladies Party-Season Earrings at Wakefields Jewellers

When it comes to jewellery, we’ll often treat ourselves to a new ring, necklace, or bracelet, finding ourselves easily enticed by their sparkling allure. But it’s our earring collections that can often be overlooked, perhaps because they’re not something that are visible to look at with our own eyes once on, without the help of a mirror.

But as a classic jewellery box staple, earrings have the power to embellish and complete a look within seconds with a touch of effortless shine, and at Wakefields we’re lucky enough to have a stunning selection of designs to suit all styles and occasions – we believe they’re an essential that mustn’t be forgotten about.

So in order to inspire you to consider treating yourself to the perfect pair for the up-coming party season, we’ve selected a few of our favourite pieces (in no particular order) showcasing the array of unique styles and shapes we have to offer.

Shaun Leane Ladies Hook Earrings


Having become somewhat of a contemporary classic, it’s no surprise that Shaun Leane’s hook earrings have been sported by a whole host of celebrities. From Beyoncé to Ellie Goulding, many a star have completed their looks with this iconic design. Sleek and geometric with a dark elegance to them, the Hook earrings are available to purchase in a range of metals with the choice of various gemstone embellishments too. We always encourage customers to see them with their own eyes, in order to understand how wonderfully tactile and unique these earrings are – we promise you’ll fall in love.

Bronzallure Onyx Drop Earrings


Nothing says party-season quite like a little black dress, but the perfect LBD needs the perfect statement earrings to complete the look. Which is exactly why we’ve selected these striking drop earrings from Bronzallure. Pairing rose gold metal blended plating with striking onyx accents, this design is the perfect balances Italian style with classic design.

Jersey Pearl Ladies Heart Stud Freshwater Pearl Earrings


If you’re searching for a feminine pair of stud earrings that are both sweet and sophisticated, you’ll have to look no further than these heart-shaped beauties from Jersey Pearl. Negative space jewellery has been huge this year, and these perfectly tie in with the trend, whilst also incorporating the stunning lustre of freshwater pearls.

Diamonfire Ladies Star Studded Earrings


Want to a celestial shine to your look? Then pick up a pair of our Diamonfire earrings! Platinum plated, and adorned with cubic zirconia – meticulously faceted to mimic the reflective qualities of diamonds. Diamonfire’s stunning selection of earrings are not to be overlooked. In particular these cosmic, star-shaped pieces are quite literally, out of this world!

Links of London Diamond Essential Stud Earrings


Sometimes an ensemble requires a little less, with a subtle shimmer instead, which is exactly what Links of London’s Diamond Essential earrings are perfect for! Embellished with tiny diamond pavé detailing, the earrings have an exquisite sparkle to them, which beautifully contrasts with the glow of the metal surrounding them.

Daisy London Ladies Good Karma Collection Stud Earrings


Renowned for their intricate detailing, Daisy’s designs are perfect for anyone looking to layer up their earrings this winter! Try mixing their gorgeous earrings in a choice of silver, yellow or rose gold, for a luxurious look that’ll transition seamlessly from day to night. For symbolic and meaningful looks, take a peek at their Good Karma collection, or fall head over heels for their nature-inspired creations tucked amidst their newest Nature’s Way designs.

Thomas Sabo Ladies Hoop Drop Earrings


Can’t decide between a hoop and a drop earring? Well Thomas Sabo have solved the dilemma for you by creating a design that’s the best of both worlds! These earrings are curved to mimic the geometry of hoop earrings, with the added embellishment of a drop gem. Dressed up or down, these gorgeous designs are sure to sparkle this party-season.

Shaun Leane White Feather Earrings


Delicate yet resilient, intricate yet sleek, the contrasting factors between Shaun Leane’s newest White Feather collection earrings are balanced to create a striking, contemporary look. The combination of stunning silver metallic and the lustrous beauty of the Mother of Pearl accents, pair beautifully to create a futuristic twist on this classic object from Nature.

Jersey Pearl Ladies Rose Gold Plated Mother of Pearl Dune Stud Earrings


Wakefields Ladies Precious Gemstone Stud Earrings


If however you’re one for traditional, classic jewellery, then you’ll adore our selection of gemstone embellished earrings. From diamonds to rubies, and tanzanite to emeralds, whatever stone you’re lusting after this season, we’ve got a range of stylish designs in store for you.


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