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The Secret Symbolism Behind Three Stone Rings

Though three-stone rings have been popularised in recent years by celebrities like Meghan Markle sporting the style as their engagement rings, three-stone diamond rings have quite the history and are in fact nothing ‘new.’

As with all fashions and trends, jewellery styles are cyclical too. Metals and stone cuts constantly go in and out of fashion, but the three-stone ring design is something that has always remained a classic.

Aside from the fact that aesthetically they’re beautiful because they have not just one, but three stones set in them, they are renowned for being symbolic too.

We’ve rounded up the most popular meanings below – how many of them did you know?

Three Stone Diamond Ring White Gold

Past, Present, Future

It’s often said that the three stones are symbolic of the past, present and future that you will have together as a couple. For this reason they are popularly worn as engagement rings, because they reflect your story together with you loved one and celebrate every stage of your life together as a pair.

Three Stone Diamond Ring Yellow Gold

Friendship, Love, Fidelity

A slight variation on the previous symbolism, three stone rings can often symbolise friendship, love and fidelity.

Three Stone Diamond Ring White Gold

I Love You

Three little words with a wonderful meaning, many people consider the three stones to literally just be another way to say ‘I Love You’ – a wonderful reminder whenever you take a glance at your engagement ring.

Three Stone Diamond Ring White Gold

Push Present

Many people think that a three-stone ring is the perfect gift to give your partner as a ‘push present’ (a gift presented following the birth of your child). The three stones are then symbols of your family. Yourself, your partner and the exciting new life you welcomed into the world.

Three Stone Diamond Ring White Gold

Though these are the most popular meanings behind three-stone rings, you can always break away from tradition and create your own significance behind the stones.

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