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Style Guide: Top 5 Reasons Why You NEED a Les Georgettes Bangle This Summer

When it comes to your summer holiday style, it can be hard to strike the balance been fashion and functionality. Will those large wedge sandals fit inside your suitcase? Are you really going to wear all 10 of those evening dresses during the course of your time away? We understand the struggle.

So it’s no surprise that packing the perfect jewellery can cause even more stress!

But this is where we come in at Wakefields Jewellers. We’ve curated the top 5 reasons why we think that all you’ll need this summer is a bangle from our newest brand in store – Les Georgettes.

  1. The reversible leathers allow you to switch up your style.54_57_25_29_47_0

Available in an array of vibrant hues and textures, the reversible leather inserts are perfect for adding a pop of colour to any look.

  1. The design is lightweight

The compact leather inserts and openwork bangles are incredibly light, so you won’t have to panic about them taking up space in your luggage.

  1. They’re versatile

If you don’t fancy incorporating a colour into your bracelet, simply wear the bangle without a leather insert. The intricate pattern has a beautifully minimalistic impact that looks striking when worn solo – whether you’re poolside or dining in the evening!

54_58_25_29_118_14. They’re a statement piece

When it comes to Les Georgettes bangles, they make such a statement and beautifully embellish any outfit. You’ll find you won’t even need any other jewellery in your suitcase.

5. They’re easy to wear

Everyone hates that moment when you have to go through airport security and remove watches, shoes and belts, only to stumble about the other side, desperately trying to reorganise yourself. But with Les Georgettes’ easy-to-wear design, you can slip the cuff on or off with ease- perfect for looking chic from the early morning flight, through to sipping on cocktails in the evening at your holiday destination.

Plus if our Top 5 reasons aren’t persuasive enough, we’ve created some images below to show how versatile the bracelets are, and how stylish they look for all occasions – we promise you’ll be falling head over heels for these stunning bangles!

Beachwear Inspiration

Les Georgettes - Yellow Bangle - Beachwear

Daywear Inspiration

Les Georgettes - Pink Bangle - Daywear

Eveningwear Inspiration

Les Georgettes - Black Bangle - Eveningwear

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