They may have only announced their engagement a month ago, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already enraptured the nation. Following the happy news Meghan has immediately become a style icon in the media, with women everywhere longing to emulate her look – so much so that the dress and coat she wore to announce her engagement have already sold out!

Whilst the media are scrutinising her ensembles though, we’ve taken a closer look at her accessories, in the hopes that we can mimic the exact pieces that complete her range of looks! We put our eyes to the test, and have come up with three simple style rules you need to follow in order to sparkle like Markle!

Go Gold

From what we’ve seen so far, Meghan has debuted mostly yellow gold designs. From her earrings and necklaces, right through to her exquisite three-stone diamond engagement ring, Meghan’s been getting bold with gold.  It’s a jewellery classic, and we can definitely understand why she loves the metal so much! So if you’re looking to add a royal twist to your jewellery box this year, we’d definitely recommend purchasing some yellow gold designs.

Meghan Markle Jewellery - Gold

Opt For Opal

On the day of announcing their engagement, Meghan wore a pair of opal stud earrings in yellow gold. Though the gemstone has been through periods in history where it has been perceived as ‘bad luck,’ by today’s perceptions the stone is seen to represent ‘happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence.’ All of which seem perfectly fitting for the scenario she chose to wear them in! Whether Meghan made a conscious choice to wear this particular gemstone, or simply has a penchant for their beauty, it seems that Opal jewellery (in particular stud earrings) seems like an excellent style choice for 2018!

Meghan Markle Jewellery - Opal

Get Geometric

Whilst Meghan’s engagement ring is anything but understated or simple, the rest of her jewellery mostly seems to be modern and minimalistic. Whether she’s opting for geometric stud earrings, monogrammed necklaces or stacking thin rings, Meghan’s look is always balanced beautifully with dainty details. A contemporary classic, geometric jewellery has been a growing trend over the last couple of years, so it makes sense why both you, and Meghan should invest in some linear designs!

Meghan Markle Jewellery - Geometric