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Pantone: Official Colours for London Fashion Week Fall 2017 & How to Wear Them!

In the aftermath of London Fashion Week, fashion fiends everywhere have already been planning their autumn / winter wardrobes, and lusting after the beautiful array of designer clothing showcased at the weeks’ event.


And though most of us will be focusing on the (hopefully) sunny, summer weather that’ll be greeting us in the next few months, we’re taking this opportunity to highlight the hottest colours that were showcased on the catwalks, that you’ll be coveting come September.

Flame Scarlet Jewellery

Pantone-Flame-Scarlet-181662Pantone 18-1662 – Flame Scarlet

Bold, sultry and sophisticated, dare to wear Flame Scarlet this autumn. If you’re not quite brave enough to sport such a shade in colour blocks, try adding flashes of scarlet lipstick or ruby gemstones for a hint of old-school Hollywood glamour.


Primrose Pink Jewellery

Pantone-Primrose-Pink-122904Pantone 12-2904 – Primrose Pink

An unconventional choice for autumn, this pastel shade of pink will be a go-to transitional shade from Spring through to Fall – perfect for anyone looking to splash out on investment pieces! Try incorporating Rose Quartz, Morganite or Rose Gold accents for a blushed glow.


Toast Jewellery

Pantone-Toast-161331Pantone 16-1331 – Toast

The perfect nude, toast offers a warmer alternative to shades of black and grey. Layer up your looks with tan leather detailing, and hints of rose gold jewellery for a look that’ll be eternally in style all year round.


Bluebell Jewellery

Pantone-Bluebell-183531Pantone 14-4121 – Bluebell

Reminiscent of last year’s ‘Colour of the Year’ Serenity, Blue Bell offers a richer shade of blue that’s still tranquil and delicate. We think that aquamarine gemstones will be a particularly beautiful way to inject a hint of blue into your ensembles come fall.


Royal Lilac Jewellery

Pantone-Royal-Lilac-183531Pantone 18-3531 – Royal Lilac

Rich and regal, Royal Lilac is the perfect jewel tone we can expect to see from autumn. Lending itself well to being teamed with almost any of the other London Pantone fall shades, for a beautiful contrast, Royal Lilac can also be highlighted through amethyst gemstone jewellery.


Otter Jewellery

Pantone-Otter-181018Pantone 18-1018 – Otter

Because these hues aren’t just for the ladies, Otter is a wonderful unisex shade that conjures images of buttery leather and woodland surroundings. Embrace the dark side and opt for luxuriously rich leather strap watches and stacking bracelets in deep shades of brown.


Navy Peony Jewellery

Pantone-Navy-Peony-194029Pantone 19-4029 – Navy Peony

Solid and stable, the hue is a fantastic alternative to black as a go-to-hue – think navy coats and lots of denim! If you’re dressing up an evening look though, choose tanzanite and sapphire gemstones to add a sparkling allure to your look.


Copper Tan Jewellery

Pantone-Copper-Tan-161338Pantone 16-1338 – Copper Tan

A welcome warmth amidst the colour palette, Copper Tan is a gorgeous shade that reflects the turning of the leaves. Embellish your outfits with lashings of rose gold jewellery for a rich, layered look that’ll add a gorgeous glow.


Lemon Curry Jewellery

Pantone-Lemon-Curry-150751Pantone 15-0751 – Lemon Curry

Exotic and spice, Lemon Curry offers a touch of warmth whilst still remaining almost neutral. Combined with an unexpected pairing like Royal Lilac to offset the shade, Lemon Curry sets a perfect backdrop to wear golden hues in jewellery.


Golden Olive jewellery

Pantone-Golden-Olive-160639Pantone 16-0639 – Golden Oliver

A strong green, Golden Olive beautifully reflects the transition of the countryside foliage towards autumn. A warmer alternative to the khaki shades we saw dominating the catwalks last year, try incorporating Peridot or Emerald accents into your looks for a truly captivating glow.

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