Hans D Krieger is a fabulous fine jewellery brand. We’ve stocked it at Wakefields Jewellers for 15 years and we’re huge fans. Several of us wear Krieger creations as they are always spot-on, completely perfect!

When Melanie Wakefield went to visit the Krieger headquarters in Idar Oberstein, Germany, she found out what makes this family business so very special.


Melanie says: “I was very excited to visit the Krieger base, as I have huge admiration for their work. The family has been cutting diamonds for 300 years.

“They still cut and polish diamonds and gemstones, but they also now design, mount and set all the stones in-house with a team of experts.

“This is very rare in the jewellery industry – one manufacturer overseeing the complete journey of the gem from mine to finger.”

Melanie arrived in time for dinner with one of her clients, Andreas Krieger and the UK Sales Director David. She enjoyed lots of lively banter and great food in a restaurant she describes as “a carnivore’s heaven!”.

She got up the next morning bright and early for the main event: a tour of the factory. She saw a selection of rough diamonds; then she watched diamond cutting and even got to try cutting a diamond herself!

She was shown every stage of the jewellery manufacturing process at Krieger, including gemstone cutting and polishing, jewellery design (using CAD and a 3D printer), casting mounts (mainly 18kt white gold, yellow gold and platinum), polishing, setting stones and polishing again!

Melanie says, “Watching the process step-by-step gave me an insight into what a timely process it is to make fine jewellery. But the results are amazing!

“My favourite moment was definitely polishing a facet on a diamond. You can only cut a diamond with a diamond, so you apply the rough diamond to an impregnated wheel. You have to be careful not to apply too much pressure, which can break the stone.

“Another highlight was the ‘mouse ring’ I saw. It was exquisite, so unique, with so much workmanship involved!

“My visit was to Krieger was a really inspiring experience. The family and their team are so humble and almost take their exceptional craftsmanship for granted. I feel really privileged to have witnessed it first-hand and soaked up the professionalism and enthusiasm in the air at the Krieger factory.”


Like Wakefields, Krieger is a family business with a passion for jewellery that has been passed down through the generations. The Krieger family’s fascination for precious things is embodied in every one of its beautiful creations.

We really admire the way that Krieger watches over all stages of its jewellery manufacturing process – from stone selection, to design and completion – with genuine care, love and attention to detail. Krieger specialises in producing one-off pieces and small collections of jewellery ‘works of art’. Perfectly put together by expert hands, Krieger jewellery is timeless, yet also modern – and always thoroughly beautiful!

Krieger is committed to impeccable craftsmanship. Its other ‘hallmarks’ are truly elegant design, selection of exceptional precious metals and stones – and a distinctive use of natural colour. Hans D. Krieger makes jewellery that people love to wear, that makes them feel special, and gives them joy to pass down to future generations.

So basically, they are among our most respected jewellery heroes!