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Did You Know? 5 Times You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is arguably one of the most sentimental pieces of jewellery you’ll ever own. A piece of jewellery that makes you smile, and reminds you of hundreds of happy memories. Because of this, it’s hard to imagine yourself without it. But in fact, there’s actually at least 5 times when you really shouldn’t be wearing your engagement ring – despite how much you love it!

  1. During a workout

Always remember to take your engagement ring off prior to working out. Apart from the risk of losing it during a run, or aerobics session, there’s a big risk of it being damaged – particularly if you’re lifting weights too. The pressure from the weights can bend the metal of the ring out of shape, leaving you with a ring that looks more abstract than circular!

  1. When you’re applying lotions

Hand creams and body lotions are everyday essentials, but you really should take your ring off before you start using them. Whilst the lotions and potions you apply might be working wonders for your skin, they have a total opposite effect on your jewellery. The residue from the creams will build up in the settings of your gemstones or diamonds, reducing their sparkle and generally making them look dull.

  1. Whilst you’re doing housework

Whether you’re repotting plants in the garden, assembling some flat-pack furniture or doing the washing up, don’t put your engagement ring at risk! Softer gemstones can be chipped, and even if you’ve got a hard stone like a diamond, you risk damaging the setting. Just ask yourself, is that spring clean worth ruining your engagement ring?

  1. When you’re sleeping

You might think that nothing can damage your engagement ring when you’re lying still, asleep in bed, but you’d be mistaken. In fact the weight from your body can slowly re-shape your ring over time, which can have the knock on effect of loosening the stones. It’s better to just remove your ring before bed – hopefully a practice you already keep with the rest of your jewellery anyway! wa

  1. When you go for a swim

Chlorine and harsh pool chemicals will strip the rhodium on white gold engagement rings, making them turn yellow much faster as they eat away at the metal. And even if you’ve got a platinum or yellow gold ring, your hands often shrink in the cold temperature of the water and there’s no worse feeling than losing your ring – particularly if you have to dive to the bottom of the pool or ocean to go and find it!

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