Actress Kate Hudson announced the news of her engagement with long-term partner Danny Fujikawa earlier this week. The couple took to Instagram to share their proposal moment with their followers, giving everyone a glimpse of Kate’s striking, new engagement ring.

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa Proposal Moment

Turning away from convention, the engagement ring appears to be a two-tone gold vintage band, embellished with a mixture of rubies, pearls and diamonds. Given its vintage styling others have speculated that the ring may have a secret, sentimental value to the pair or even possibly be a much-loved heirloom.

Inside our on-site workshop we regularly restore vintage rings, like Kate’s mixed gemstone band, that have been lovingly worn over the years, holding so many memories and unique sentimentality. We are even often asked to reset gemstones from older pieces in new designs, incorporating their unique history within a new, one-of-a-kind piece of bespoke jewellery.

Kate Hudson Met Gala 2021 Outfit with Engagement Ring

However, fans were later shocked to see Kate’s engagement ring wasn’t on her hand during an event the very same day. Hours later the actress made a red carpet appearance, swapping her vintage band for a more contemporary design.

Kate Hudson Met Gala 2021 Engagement Ring Close Up

Estimated to be approximately 10-12 carats in size, the exquisite ring features a champagne-coloured diamond, set on a thin, classic band. The soft hue of the stone, perfectly matched Kate’s attire and caught the attention of onlookers who now believe that the actress has been given two beautiful engagement rings.

Kate Hudson Met Gala 2021 Engagement Ring Close Up

At Wakefields we appreciate all jewellery designs for what makes them individual, so we couldn’t possibly pick a favourite design out of the two, because both are so strikingly different. But Kate’s champagne diamond ring reminds us of our very own ‘Blush’ diamond ring collection.

Wakefields Jewellers Blush Diamond Cluster Ring

Features blush-hued diamond centre stones surrounded by clusters of white diamonds. The blush centre stone is set within rose gold metal, to elevate the natural, soft colour of the stone. The effect is a beautifully romantic piece of jewellery that’s perfect for anyone who wants to embrace a coloured gemstone, in a more subtle way.

Wakefields Jewellers Blush Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand

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