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July Birthstone – Ruby Engagement Rings

As we welcome the month of July, we not only welcome good weather (we’ll keep our fingers crossed), but we also welcome July’s birthstone – Ruby.

Widely recognisable for its beautiful deep red colour, it’s a classic choice for anyone searching for coloured gemstone jewellery. Over the years it’s been widely used in designs created by royalty, because of its rich, regal hue and more recently has even become a popular choice for engagement rings.

Most recently Katy Perry received a ruby & diamond cluster engagement ring from Orlando Bloom which was a beautiful example of how elegant a ruby engagement ring can be.


The hardness of gemstones is ranked by a system called the Mohs scale, the harder a gemstone is the more suited it is to everyday wear, making it perfect to be included in jewellery like engagement rings. Whilst diamonds sit at the very top of this scale at 10, ruby comes in close second alongside sapphire, ranking at a 9.

Many people often forget that ruby is a very durable gemstone, and don’t consider it as an option when searching for an engagement ring. But at Wakefields Jewellers we have a stunning selection of ruby engagement rings in store, ready for you to find the perfect design.

From sparkling ruby and diamond cluster rings, through to stunning three stone designs, there’s something to suit all styles.

We always recommend customers to visit us in store and try on a variety of styles and gemstones when they’re searching for the perfect ring, so don’t hesitate to pop in and speak with a member of our team who’ll be able to help you find the perfect piece of jewellery if you’ve fallen in love with any of the designs in today’s post.

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