This week saw stars step out onto the red carpet for arguably one of the biggest award ceremonies of the year, the Golden Globes. Following the media storm that ensued last summer, the celebrities chose to dress in black, in order to support women who are bringing forward sexual harassment complaints in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. A thought provoking and powerful movement, it was amazing to see so many people stand together to support the case.

Though the red carpet ensembles were decidedly monochromatic though, none of the celebrities would be considered drab or boring! In fact their gowns were as stunning as ever, and though the dress code was black, they made use of vibrant gemstone accessories to complete their looks.

Here’s a selection of our favourite jewellery trends from the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.




Whilst diamonds are forever a red carpet favourite, first we want to highlight the celebrities who opted for stunning emerald designs. Not only a striking contrast from the black outfits the actresses sported, the donning of emerald jewellery signifies their commitment to positive change and growth, much like the meaning behind the green stone. When Suffragettes marched and campaigned a century ago, they also wore accessories set with emeralds, so the Emerald trend on the red carpet could also be a nod to the British women’s movement to acquire the right to vote.

Stars including Zoe Kravitz, Debra Messing, Catherine Zeta Jones, Isabelle Hupert, Ricky Martin and Issa Rae were some of the few opting for striking emerald designs.




Larger, drop earrings designs are a classic accessory to complete any evening look. And whilst 2017 may have been the year of the statement earrings, it seems 2018 has a new trend to embrace – statement necklaces.

Many celebrities opted for plunging necklines at this year’s event, and very few of the looks were complete without large, ornate necklaces. Though diamonds definitely dominated the night, they were all styled in entirely different ways. Some wore high-necked choker designs, others wore diamonds like layered, cascading waterfalls, or long, delicate pendants.

Some of our favourite pieces were sported by Allison Williams, Kate Hudson, Issa Rae, Alison Brie and Viola Davis, to name a few.




Katherine Langford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mandy Moore and Millie Bobby Brown were just a few celebrities to experiment with their sparkle in different ways. Sarah Jessica Parker cinched in her petite waist with a diamond encrusted belt, adding sophistication and glamour to her look. Whilst Millie Bobby Brown experimented with an assortment of ear cuffs, keeping her look youthful with a punk edge. Mandy Moore was one of the few stars to break away from diamond jewellery, instead opting for ombré red earrings. And finally Katherine Langford added sparkle to her hair-do with a variety of star-shaped diamond hair slides. It’s always exciting to see the stars break from red carpet convention and bring something new to the look book.