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Gift Guide: Discover Star-Shaped Jewellery That’s Out of this World!

For centuries we’ve looked to the night skies for answers, inspiration, and to guide us, but it seems that this season designers are staring at the sky for another reason – to gaze at its beauty.

Over the last few months, all areas of retail have been infiltrated with star-shaped designs. There are stars on our clothes, on our stationery, and now, incorporated into our jewellery too!

It seems only natural that stars have transitioned into the jewellery world, after all diamonds are often compared to the sparkling beauty of stars. But it’s not just the sparkle that has caught our eye, it’s the shape too.

The symbol itself has been used to symbolise many things over the years, from our modern celebrity culture, right back to pagan religion. But regardless of what the star shape symbolises for you, there’s no denying the popularity of its form.

For us here at Wakefields, we’ve been inspired by its celestial beauty and have shortlisted a few of our favourite star-shaped jewellery designs, that are bound to put the stars in your eyes.

So without further ado, here’s our our star-shaped jewellery inspiration! Shop the selection shown below here.

Star Shaped Jewellery 1

Links of London Diamond Essentials Star Shaped Stud Earrings & Matching Pendant

Star Shaped Jewellery 2

Daisy London Good Karma Collection Star Shaped Bracelet & Matching Necklace

Star Shaped Jewellery 3

Daisy London Good Karma Star Shaped Hoop Earrings & Thomas Sabo Open Star Charm Club Charm

Star Shaped Jewellery 4

Thomas Sabo Silver Zirconia Charm Club Star Charm & Links of London Shooting Star Keepsake Charm


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