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Gemstone Focus: The Myths & Superstitions Surrounding Pearls

One of the oldest gemstones in abundance around the globe, it’s no wonder that pearls are steeped in tradition, myths and superstition. Whilst for many gemstones are simply an accessory to be incorporated in stunning pieces of jewellery, others believe in the unique properties gemstones are said to behold. So whether you’re a believer, or more of a sceptic, we hope you enjoy learning some of the interesting folklores that surround pearls.

  • One of the most well-known superstitions surrounding pearls is that they should never be incorporated in an engagement ring or worn during a wedding, as pearls represent tears and sadness. This belief led to the popular saying “tears for pearls,” suggesting a woman would shed lots of tears in her marriage.
  • Some believe that keeping a pearl under a pillow whilst you sleep will help a woman to conceive a child easily.
  • Wearing a pearl set in a ring will bring good health, fortune, luck and prosperity to the wearer.
  • It is believe that wearing pearl stone cures jaundice and prevents snake and insect bites.
  • Since pearls are discovered from the ocean, it makes sense that people also believed that wearing pearls whilst diving would protect them from shark attacks.
  • One other popular superstitious belief attached with pearls is that wearing them would forecast death, accidents and serve illness.
  • Early Chinese myths told of pearls falling from the sky when dragons fought.

Today the majority of people don’t believe in the stories surrounding pearls, and openly choose to wear them without worry. They’re arguably one of the most versatile gemstones when it comes to styling, being incorporated into bridal and evening wear, right through to embellishing jeans in modern fashion.


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