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Double Take: Poundland Placeholder Rings vs. Wakefields Jewellers Forever Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect engagement ring can prove a tricky task when there are so many things to consider. The style, the stone and the size, can all be overwhelming if you’re not 100% of sure what you’re looking for. But this month Poundland introduced their range of ‘placeholder’ engagement rings to provide an alternative solution.

The idea is that you purchase one of their inexpensive rings to propose to your loved one with, so that they can then select their real engagement ring for themselves at a later date from an official jeweller, eliminating any risk of making the wrong style choice.

Poundland Valentine's Day Placeholder Engagement Rings

Poundland Valentine's Day Placeholder Engagement RingsPoundland’s selection includes a red heart-shaped single stone ring, a blue marquise shaped ring and a choice of rose or silver single stone rings, providing a lovely mix to suit all aesthetics.

The idea has certainly caused a stir on social media, dividing opinion. Some question why anyone would want to choose their own engagement ring, whilst other’s think it’s a fantastic idea to have the chance to have the memory of picking out the perfect ring together.

Whether you’re all for placeholder rings though, or prefer a more traditional approach, we thought we’d take this as an opportunity to highlight our personal selection of dupes here at Wakefields Jewellers for anyone who’s looking for their perfect forever engagement ring.

Poundland Red Heart-Shaped Ring (£1) vs. Wakefields Jewellers 18ct White Gold Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring (£940)

Poundland Placeholder Ring Dupe - Ruby & Diamond Engagement Ring


No colour is quite so synonymous with Valentine’s Day than red. The colour exudes love, romance and passion like no other, and we think it was a fantastic choice for Poundland to add a red heart design into the range. If you’re searching for an engagement ring featuring a red gemstone we’d definitely recommend considering ruby. A durable gemstone that can withstand everyday wear, they’re available in varying shades of red from deeper hues through to some with pinker undertones. A heart-shaped ruby might not be something that we’ll always have in stock, but we will do our best to source a specialist piece or create a bespoke design.

Poundland Blue Marquise-Shaped Ring (£1) vs. Wakefields Jewellers 18ct White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring (£1725)

Poundland Placeholder Ring Dupe - Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise-cut was one of 2018’s most popular diamond cuts, so it’s not surprise that Poundland included this style in their range. Giving the ring a more untraditional vintage feel, we always recommend marquise cut diamonds and gemstones for anyone who’s looking for something unique. Whilst Poundland’s ring is closer in colour to that of aquamarine, we’ve chosen to highlight one of our sapphire rings because it’s a harder stone that is more suited to everyday wear. Though you can of course have an aquamarine gemstone set in your engagement ring, we’d always advise considering a gemstone that’s less soft to avoid it getting damaged through daily wear.

Poundland Silver Single Stone Ring (£1) vs. Wakefields Jewellers 18ct White Gold Round Brilliant Diamond Cluster Ring (£1295)

Poundland Placeholder Ring Dupe - Diamond Engagement Ring

The most traditional engagement ring choice is a round brilliant solitaire ring, so Poundland couldn’t have released an engagement ring selection without including this in the mix. The beauty of a ring like this, is that you can have additional diamond embellishments too. The addition of a halo of diamonds around the centre stone, or diamond shoulders can add a little extra sparkle whilst remaining subtle and elegant.

Poundland Rose Gold Single Stone Ring (£1) vs. Wakefields Jewellers 18ct Rose Gold Round Brilliant Diamond Solitaire (£1735)

Poundland Placeholder Ring Dupe - Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Poundland’s collection closes with a rose gold ring, a fantastic choice for the style conscious. Rose gold is a hugely popular choice because of its warming hue that’s incredibly flattering for lots of skin tones. We’d always recommend purchasing solid rose over plated to avoid the ring losing its beautiful rose gold colour through everyday wear.

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