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Brand of the Month | Shaun Leane

April is the month of the year that’s synonymous with bad weather, changing rapidly from gorgeous spring sunshine to the infamous sporadic down pours that coined the phrase ‘April showers.’ But at Wakefields Jewellers, we believe the only thing anyone should be showered in is Diamonds, the official birthstone of the ...


Brand of the Month | Alexis Dove

March, the month of Mother’s Day, Easter and the first day of Spring. It’s the month that nature will burst into life, with gorgeous buds blossoming around us, and baby animals will find their feet, taking their first inquisitive steps into the world. With this in mind we couldn’t think of a better brand to celebrate ...


Brand of the Month | Diamonfire

Worn by celebrities and influential fashion bloggers alike, Diamonfire is our official ‘Brand of the Month’ here at Wakefields Jewellers, and we’ll explain why. When it comes to jewellery, diamonds are often considered as one of the most highly desirable gemstones within the world of jewellery. Their exquisite ...