Best of British Jewellery – Inspired by James Bond Film ‘Spectre’ Full Trailer Release

The release of the full trailer for the latest James Bond movie, Spectre has caused an explosion over social media. Within its first 24 hours of being live on YouTube, the trailer was viewed an incredible 4.5million times – that’s an unbelievable 3,000 plays per minute!

Although the long-awaited movie is not due for release until October 26th, it’s sparked a worldwide interest, with debates on all aspects of the film trending over twitter – who will they choose to sing the theme tune for the latest Spectre film? Who will replace Daniel Craig as the next Bond? But behind all of the drama and excitement of this release, the real reason James Bond continues to capture everyone’s imagination and minds is the fact it’s a quintessentially British franchise.

As a nation, we Britains embrace with open arms everything patriotic. Since the 2012 Olympics, (which were an incredible demonstration of how as a country we were able to unite and all share the magic and enthusiasm of a single moment in history) we are all increasing our love for things classically British. From bonding over the birth of Prince William & Kate’s baby girl to enjoying the electrifying atmosphere at Glastonbury, this year has taught us we all love to celebrate our heritage.

So why not combine this love for all things patriotic, with the sporty, high octane lifestyle lead by James Bond himself and celebrate the ‘Best of British’ jewellery brands we have to offer in store at Wakefields.


A classically British watchmaking brand, with deep roots running from its beginnings in aviation; Bremont continue to remain closely linked to sporting events across the globe. Combining a passion for contemporary design with a quest to develop robust, aesthetic and desirable sporting timepieces, Bremont have succeeded in uniting their core values with a history of quality craftsmanship. With an array of partnerships under their belt ranging from luxury car manufacturers, Jaguar, the Boeing company and most recently their position as official timekeepers for the 35th America’s Cup and defending champions ORACLE TEAM USA, Bremont devote their time to designing watches for the high octane, modern man.



1. Bremont ALTI-C Automatic Chronometer 43mm


2. Bremont ALTI-B Automatic Chronometer 43mm


3. Bremont ALTI-WT World Timer Automatic Chronometer





Although the Tudor brand was created by the german founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, their choice of name and logo is quintessentially British. The brand’s most recent release of the Pelagos Blue is a robust diving watch, crafted with meticulous detailing and a unique panache that demands to be worn with confidence and style. Alongside their Pelagos divers watches, Tudor have developed watches suited for ‘North Flag’ expeditions, ‘Fast Rider’ motorcycle racing and ‘Grantour’ Fia championships Racing – though the brand design their watches to be suited to forboding and relentless environments, their timepieces, unparalleled in design and craftsmanship, have achieved a cult status and will look perfectly at home on the wrist of any gentleman.




1. Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue Watch with Stainless Steel Strap


2. Tudor GranTour Date White Dial Watch with Stainless Steel Strap


3. Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue with Stainless Steel Strap



Of course we can’t celebrate the Best of British for aspiring Bond’s without mentioning the elegant and seductive Bond girls of 2015’s Spectre Film – Lea Seydoux, Monica Belluci & Stephanie Sigma. Exuding confidence and extreme beauty, Bond’s girls are equally as iconic as the action man himself. Though the film remains shrouded in a veil of mystery, we know that many of the scenes have been filmed in the stunning city of Rome – for aspiring Bond girls we recommend you combine your sensational sense of style and encapsulate Italy’s striking surroundings through our classically Italian brand – Bronzeallure.


The brand’s collections are entirely crafted using a contemporary metal blending mix of bronze and 18ct rose gold, encrusted with semi precious and natural colourful stones. The flirtatious palette of hues and delicate designs exude a timeless, exquisitness that runs parallel with all of the accomplished actresses who have been cast as Bond girls throughout the years.

bronzallure1. Bronzallure Rose Gold White Cubic Zirconia Popcorn Bangle     2. Bronzallure Rose Gold Light Blue Agate Necklace

3. Bronzallure Rose Gold White Zirconia Rose Quartz Earrings     4. Bronzallure Rose Gold Pavé White Quartz Cluster Ring

5. Bronzallure Rose Gold White Cubic Zirconia Set of 3 Bangles     6. Bronzallure Rose Gold Rose Quartz Cluster Ring

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