Glittering awards ceremonies provide celebrities with the perfect opportunity to embellish their attire with some of the world’s most exquisite, bespoke fine jewellery. The 74th Cannes Film Festival is no exception to this, with A list stars attending the event, sporting all sorts of eye-catching diamond and gemstone jewellery designs.

This year however, there was one piece of jewellery that stood out amidst the rest, a statement necklace worn by model, Bella Hadid, designed to depict a pair of lungs.

The unusual necklace is said to be gold dipped and covered in rhinestones to add an incredible sparkle to the sculptural design.  Suspended from a chunky gold chain, the necklace flawlessly combined jewellery and artistic flair in an inspiring way, undoubtedly stealing the show.

When interviewed by British Vogue about the thought process behind the piece, Schiaparelli designer Daniel Roseberry said, “I was thinking about our emergence from this time of Covid, and wanting to pay tribute to the idea of breathing, crystalising the lungs to make them eternal. We spend so much time thinking about and obsessing over these parts of our bodies that we cannot see, and the lungs are a way of almost capturing that relationship that we have with our own breathing.”

As lovers of exceptional fine jewellery and bespoke design at Wakefields, we loved the concept and final design of this piece. For us it’s the perfect example that proves that whatever your concept, you can design a beautiful, bespoke piece of jewellery to celebrate, commemorate or embody whatever your brief.

We would love the opportunity to bring a bespoke design you’ve been dreaming of to life, and create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery just for you. To begin the first steps on your very own bespoke jewellery journey, you can get in touch with us or join us in store to discuss initial ideas in person. Whether you’re hoping to create something classic and understated, or dreaming of a statement piece that’s embellished with fine gemstones, we are here to help make your fine jewellery dream become a reality.